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Firkspedvāle Manor House

Firkspedvāle Manor House belonged to von Fircks family, who were also the owners of Nurmuiža Manor and Villa Hochheim (nowadays Talsi Regional Museum) in current Talsi County territory. Until 1939, when baron Wolfgang von Fircks of Firkspedvāle Manor House repatriated to Germany, Pedvāle had had 34 owners. In 1991 the manor was acquired by the sculptor Ojārs Arvīds Feldbergs, who created Pedvāle Art Park here. The Firkspedvāle Manor structure consists of the lords’ house, farm buildings (partially gone) and a park located in a deep gully. The Manor Complex is a State Protected Cultural Monument. In Firkspedvāle Manor there is an international artist residence with rooms to live in, for the creative work as well as for exhibitions and classes.