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Spāres evaņģēliski luteriskā baznīca

Spāre Evangelical Lutheran Church


Spare church is an elongated octagonal masonry building without a tower. Originally it was built as a cruciform church. The building layout broke the centuries-old traditions because it lacked the usual elements of a church scheme – the church has an unpopular layout. It was rebuilt in 20th century at the end of twenties. After the World War II the church was irretrievably pillaged and befouled, it was used as a storehouse. With the beginning of Latvia’s independence the parish started different activities concerning the regain and renovation of the church. The church is proud of the wooden pulpit and the altar (1992, 1993) by Alfrēds Mertens, and of the reconstructed (1993) glass chandelier and the church bell that is placed in one of the gate’s bell towers.