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Dace Paeglīte

Dace Paeglīte 1954

Courland. 1984
Collection of the Talsi District Museum

Graduated from Janis Rozentāls Riga Secondary School of Art (1973) and the Department of Painting of the Art Academy of Latvia (1976). Was member of the Jūrmala Artists Group,with which she often painted in Talsi. Paints landscapes, still lifes, figural compositions, portraits. Influenced by cubism, has achieved a high degree of generalisation and simplification of forms in her painting, emphasizing a rhythm of sharp lines. She is head of the Department of Art at the Pārdaugava Music and Art School. Member of the Artists Union of Latvia (1986). Her works are held in the collections of the Latvian National Museum of Art, Artists Union of Latvia and Talsi Museum.

“Dace Paeglīte. Gleznas”. Talsu novadpētniecības un mākslas muzejs, 19