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Mārtiņa koku fabrika

Wood workshop „Mārtiņa koku fabrika”


The most extraordinary things are being made in “Mārtiņa koku fabrika” (Martin’s Wood Factory). The broad assortment includes ancient Latvian signs, practical items and souvenirs. Mārtiņš and Jūlja, the owners admit that ancient Latvian signs still are the most attractive products not only in Latvia but abroad as well.  They may seem to be just nice pieces of wood, however, they have power. Experts were consulted in order to find out the meaning of each sign. People who buy the signs often ask for explaination of their meaning and use. They believe that the signs have a real protecting power, and it is true. The factory manufactures also custom made items for various products, for instance, wooden plates for the smartest restaurants in Riga, prizes and gift boxes for enterprises and public authorities.