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Talsu pauguraine

The Nature Park Talsi Hillocks


Talsi Hillock Nature Park– it is a splendid landscape of the Northen Upland of Kurzeme, where bright mirrors of lakes intermingle with barrows, surrounded by fir and oak trees. Each hill or lake is connected with an interesting legend or story. At the foot of the hill Milzkals where a Livonian castle used to stand, a romantic Lake Sapņu ezers is hidden, where Talsi painters liked to paint at the beginning of the 20th century. On the shores of Lake Sirdsezers the relic of vineyard has survived, where grapes were cultivated in the years of Kurzeme Dukedom. The Bezdubeņi Lake recalls the trials of witches and sorcerers 300 years ago. At the shore of the Lake in Talsi vicarage (Mācītājmuiža) Karlis Amenda (1771-1836) lies buried, a priest, a violinist, and a close friend of Ludvig van Beethoven.

Talsi Hillock Nature Park expects visitors in all seasons of the year. They will be delightet to see the picturesque landscapes of lakes and hillocks at the vicarage, the lake Sapņu ezers and the trails of Sounds at the burial site of Amenda, where visitors can savor the real beauty of landscapes of Latvia, being surprised of the peculiar outdoor installations. Talsi Hillock Nature Park is attractive for bicycle tourists and hikers, carrying backpacks on their shoulders. Twisted, up and down rural tracks will take visitors to landscapes with scenic and historical value, or to bathing grounds of the lakes Čumalu ezersSirdsezersĀbeļu ezers and the farm Dzillejas at the foot of the hill Milzkalns.