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Krievragkalns Russian horn hill


Krievragkalns (Russian horn hill) is located in Jauntalsi (New Talsi). It carries its name thanks to the fact that in the end-nineteenth century an Orthodox church and school was built on the land owned by Talsi Crown. The newly acquired land was divided and rented to own people by church. People that belonged to church and built up the territory were Latvians that converted into Orthodoxy. The Orthodox church no longer exists, it was blown up in autumn 1972. The school building was rebuilt and now Talsi Christian school is located there.  Among small wooden and red brick houses modern buildings rise – administrative centre where Talsi town council and Talsi district council resides, hotel “Talsi” and Talsi Sports center. On the foot of the hill a playground named “A train comes to Talsi” awaits children. Not far away, on 34 Kr. Valdemāra street majestically rises Talsi Baptist church which is one of the very few in Latvia with such a high tower. Since 1960 on the opposite side of the street the cinema “Auseklis” awaits movie-goers. Talsi bus station still holds memories about the first half of the 20th century when it was a narrow-gauge railway station and a train from Mazirbe to Stende was passing it by. The last Stende district locomotive can be seen at the Agriculture museum of Latvia on 11 Celtnieku street. Zvaigžņu Street takes to the nowadays popular pear-tree “Talsu skaistule” which is the pride of former Vilhelms Rode Gardening. On Zvaigžņu Street an architectural monument – Heinz-Kupfer family cemetery and chapel is located. It was built from 1801 – 1806 in Neoclassicism style. The building has a shape of an equilateral triangle with columns in the corners.

Surrounding area of Krievragkalns hill and Vilkmuiža hill is a popular walking place for families with children, Nordic walkers and dog owners.