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Baznīckalns Church hill


Baznīckalns (Church hill) has been mentioned in writings long time ago as a cult place to our ancestors. The dome and white Talsi Evangelical Lutheran church on top of the hill can be seen from far away. The orb on top of the tower reminds of spreading of Christianity all over the world, while the rooster appeals to maintain vigilance and clear conscience.

The building is built in 1567 and it is the oldest stone building in town. Until the 18th century a churchyard was located around the church and on the square – a pillory and a place of execution. Until 1930 a Friday fish market was held by the church. In the beginning of 20th century a wooden stairway connected the steep Baznīckalns (Church hill) and Lielā street. Some say that there were tunnels from church basement to Pilskalns (Castle hill) and Dzirnavkalns (Mill hill).

From 1802 to 1836 Carl Ferdinand Amenda (1771-1836), a friend of composer Ludwig van Beethoven was a pastor in this church. On Dzirnavu street a former Jewish synagogue built in mid-nineteenth century attracts attention. On Kalna Street 10 for eighty years already stock company “Talsu Piensaimnieks” has been turning milk into cheese and other delicacies. The cheese “Talsu ritulis” is a visiting-card of Latvia!

Nowadays, when walking through the small park of Baznīckalns hill, you can see the colourful rooftops of Talsi, Talsi Lake and also a musical bench dedicated to Intars Busulis.