Guna Millersone (1949)

By the Lake 2018
Member of Talsi Brush Wood Art group. Graduated from Janis Rozentāls Riga Secondary School of Art (1968) and the Department of Pedagogy at Art Academy of Latvia (1973). She is the leading specialist in Arts and exhibition curator at the Talsi District Museum. Paints in oil, has created objects, installations and performances. Her works has been exhibited in France, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Estonia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Belgium, Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Italy and Finland. Member of the Artists Union of Latvia (1992).

“Guna Millersone. Ainavu albūms”. Talsu novada muzejs, 2009
“Talsu mākslinieki. 2006-2015”. Talsu novada muzejs, 2015

Talsu ezera promenāde, Talsi, Talsu novads