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Tiguļu kalns

Tiguļu kalns (Tiguļu hill)


Tiguļu kalns (Tiguļu hill) is the highest and observes the pace of the town from a distance. Tiguļu – Upleju house used to stand here once. It is a beautiful place that was desired and built up by the baron of Okte Georg fon Firkss. In 1883 – 1885 he built there his manor house

Villa Hochheim“. Talsi State Secondary school and Talsi 2nd Secondary school used the manor house for the longest period of time (1923-1975).

From December 1996 Talsi regional museum is located in this building. The 17th century cannons placed on both sides of the front entrance give the building a majestic look, while Talsi dendrology park creates cosiness and naturalism. The landscape park was made together with the manor house using the hilly relief, pond and the scenic view to the town.

More than 270 tree species a 5.8 hectares area now have been supplemented with shrub and flower composition, known as “Talsu saulīte“, while on the top of the hill a double circle made of oaks can be seen. Not far from the park one sees Saules street that was covered with buildings before the 1st Word war and Talsi Latin church. The little red brick house was dedicated to the Church in 1899 by Talsi noblewoman A. Dzedule.

After the reconstruction in 1999 (by architect V. Liepa) the church got a modern appearance. Confession and Virgin Mary chapels as well as a bell-tower (2004) have been added to the church. The bell-tower has 3 bells that bespeak us every day “…Faith, Hope, and Love; and the greatest of these is Love.” (Paul’s 1st Letter to the Corinthians 13:13).