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Sauleskalns (Sun hill)


Sauleskalns (Sun hill) is a place where sunshine, sounds of a music and dance rhythms are revealed. The hymn-like “Talsu mijkrēslis” by Miervaldis Celmiņš resounds here. Here you can hear Talsi brass band playing, here Talsi musicians like Linda Leen, Raimonds Tigulis, Jānis Stībelis, Intars Busulis and Rihards Zaļupe are with us in their minds.

The building of open-air stage started in 1960 (architect H.Pļavinskis) with a great support and co-operation from local people. The small, overgrown pond was filled up. Instead of the pond a stage and a decorative limestone wall was built forming an amphitheater. In the 1980ies the stage was reconstructed and landscaped. The second recunstruction of the open-air stage took place in 2013. In summer it is a favorite place of cultural and recreational events.