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Leču kalns

Leču kalns (Leču hill)


Leču kalns (Leču hill) is located near the Talsi gymnasium. The land that was once owned by baron of Pastende was skillfully managed in the beginning of 20th century by owner of “Leči” house. The fields always gave good harvest despite the waywardness of weather.

The hill witnessed tears and blood on November 1906. Down by the pond is the place where 5 revolutionists were shot. In autumn 1980 a monument by sculptor Olita Nigule was unveiled on the Leču hill in remembrance of 1905 – 1907 revolution. The monument has an inscription from a poem “Talsu tiesa” /Talsi’ judgment/ written by Rainis.

In mid-1930ies the inhabitants of Talsi decided to make this place a memorial site for freedom fighters of Latvia by unveiling the monument “Koklētājs” by Kārlis Zemdega. However the 2nd World War intruded this intention. Where Brīvības, Saules, Stendes and Blumbaha streets meet there is a part of “Soda priede” /Punishment pine/ trunk that witnessed the bloody events of January 1906 when 5 participators of Talsi armed upstanding were shot.

Opposite “Soda priede” the Talsi town coat of arms can be seen – a symbol of nine hills, hospitality and friendship. On Egļu street where “Kurzemes sēklas” Ltd is located visitors can admire the gorgeous collection of plants.