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Lidojums ar paraplānu Sabilē

Paragliding tandem flight over Sabile


If you have an adventurous and romantic spirit and want to feel the adrenaline rush you should look at Abava Valley from a bird’s eye view. The beautiful sceneries of the area of Sabile will elicit unprecedented emotions.

As a rule, flights start from out of town Sabile, depending on wind direction.

The powered parachute carrying capacity allows taking in the air both the pilot and the passenger. Children over the age of six are allowed to the flight only with the explicit consent of the parents. The duration and hight of the flight are determined by the weather conditions. You must wear loose clothing with long sleeves and firm lace-up shoes; wearing gloves is recommended.

Persons are prohibited from flying if they are intoxicated from drug or alcohol use. Taking photos and filming is allowed during the flight.