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Lauku sēta Bandenieki

Candle Making and Off-Road Jeep Ride in Farmstead „Bandenieki”


If your desire is to learn how to make natural wax candles, which smell divine and have a beneficial effect to health, as well as how to design moulded wax figurines, and you wish to taste bee products you are welcome to visit the farmhouse “Bandenieki”. Inga and Raimonds Zviedriņi will be your guides and teachers. You could take the farmhouse spirit with you by buying some honey or bee products.

A completely wild ride over an untracked area could give the final touch to your visit. The ride takes about ten minutes and is provided for four persons. A sauna for up to 10 persons, overnight accommodation and fire place room is also at your disposal.

Fishing is another recreation option for the guests. A novelty of this season – resting on bees.