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Engures ezers

Lake Engure


The Lake Engures is the largest coastal lake in Latvia. It stretches 6 km in length and reaches a maximum depth of 2 – 3 meters. Engure is a name drawn from a Libyan word meaning “eel”, so the lake could be called “the eel lake”, however, very few eels are living there nowadays. Regrettably, the lake suffers from eutrophication, therefore the reed vegetation must be cut and the lake has to be cleaned regularly. The lake is a home to many species of birds. Several bird watching towers have been erected to provide hide for birdwatchers.  The lake scenery can be admired from the observation towers located in the Ornithology Centre in Bērzciems (Tukums district) and Krievrags (Ķūļciems parish). Since 1989, the territory has been included into the list of the most important bird areas in Europe, and since 1995 – in the list to the Ramsar Convention on wetlands of international importance.