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Audēju kopas "Talse" darbnīca

Workshop of weavers’ group “Talse”



The weavers of weavers group “Talse” work with traditional techniques in blankets, skirts, table clothes, and towels, as well as they weave colorful mats and create modern designs, for example, weaving by a poem. They have created series of exhibitions dedicated to the nine hillocks of Talsi based on the poem by Maija Laukmane.

The weaver group “Talse” is one of the oldest interest groups hosted by the Talsi Community Centre, namely, the group was founded by E. Muceniece back in year 1959.  The weavers uphold old weaving traditions by using traditional patterns of skirts, blouses, girdles, scarves and linen tablecloths. However, you can see also vivid up-to-date patchwork, quilts and scarves on the masters’ looms.