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Velopiedzīvojums - Talsu puses ezeru loks

Valdemārpils Evalngelical Lutheran Church


Harsh and sober is the church of Valdemārpils that is believed to be built in 1646. The patron of it is the owner of the Sasmaka manor Christopher von Hohenastenebrg- Wigandt. The church has been rebuilt and repaired several times, the last time it happened in years 1999 and 2004.

Valdemārpils church is a comparatively small elongated single-aisle building with a choir and attached sacristy. A massive square bell tower is attached at the west side, it has a pyramidal spire adorn with a sphere, rooster and cross. The furnishings that could be dated to the second part of 17th and the beginning of 18th century are especially valuable because it is a masterpiece of the local artisans – wood carvers. The most important is the effect of the colour combination – the contrast: a light pattern on dark background or a dark pattern on light background, this effect is characteristic to the earliest Latvian folk ornaments. The details of woodcarvings and paintings show the original perception of the style of particular time period. There is also an interesting altar painting “The Last Supper”, the author of the painting is unknown, possibly it was a local artist. About the year 1809 the organ balcony was rebuilt. The organ (1890) we can see now in the church was made in the workshop of Mārtiņš Krēsliņš in Jēkabpils.

In 1934 there was consecrated a memorial tablet dedicated to Krišjānis Valdemārs, the pioneer of the Awakening time.