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Modris Sapuns Mūsu gulbis 2008

Modris Sapuns 1979 II


Our Swan 2008

Member of Talsi Brushwood Art Group, currently one of the best known naïve artists in Latvia. Paints and draws on different surfaces, engraves on plywood, cardboard; favourite subjects – Latvian nature and processes of rural life. His works have been exhibited in Denmark, Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, Sweden, Czech Republic, Turkey, Belgium, Italy. His works are in the collections of the Latvian National Museum of Art and Talsi District Museum.

„Modra Sapuna Dabas Darbnīca”. Liepāja, Laicīgās mākslas galerija „K.Māksla”, 2008;

„Talsu mākslinieki. 2006-2015”. Talsu novada muzejs, 2015