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Lidija Auza Talsi. 1970

Lidija Auza 1914-1989


Talsi. 1970
Collection of the Latvian National Museum of Art

Vivid personality in Latvian painting, was Honorary Citizen of Talsi (since 1983). Created monumental decorative cycles of paintings Kurzeme (1973-1976), The City of Nine Hills (1976-1978), Encounter (1979-1980); which continue to adorn public buildings in Talsi – Talsi City Council,TalsiArtSchool and Talsi District Register Office. In the 1970s, was one of the first in Latvian painting to use various outside materials on the painted surface.

Inese Baranovska „Laikmeta liecinieki. Glezniecība. 20. gs. 60., 70. un 80. gadi”. Rīga, Latvijas Mākslinieku savienība, 2002;