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Uguņciema baptistu baznīca – lūgšanu nams

Uguņciems Baptist Church


Uguņciems Baptist congregation was founded in 1886, it developed soon; and the rooms where it used to gather became too narrow. The construction of the church begun in spring 1892; the whole village supported this process with money, materials or labour force, and already in September the opening service was held. The 8 meters wide inner rooms are made as a ship’s fore, the covering of the room is without additional buttresses. This was an input of the excellent shipbuilder Martins Morgensterns (Mārtiņš Morgenšterns). The craftsman himself ironically compares the building process of a house with that of a ship – to build a ship is easy because the other buildings require straight lines and accurate angles, but all lines of a ship are undetermined, that is why whatever is the result, it is good.