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Sabiles sidrs

Sabile Cider


Sabile Cider is made following classic recipes from the Latvian grown apples. It’s a fizzy and light drink that goes perfectly well with the traditional Latvian cuisine. Cider tasting is available.

Sabiles Cider brewery is located in the heart of Sabiles city centre – Rīgas street 22. Every autumn, Kurzeme farmers deliver apples grown in their gardens to be processed. In our brewery, we give you the opportunity to get a glimpse of cider producing processes starting from the fresh apple down to corking the bottle, and view the factory’s equipment, taste our ciders, and finally let you take your favourite ones home with you.

If you are keen to come and visit our brewery, the price for cider tasting, tour of the brewery, and introduction to the process of production is 50 euros. If there are more than 6 guests in a group, the price is 8 euros per person. The tour is approximately one hour long.