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Abavas senleja

Nature park “Abavas senleja”


The picturesque Primeval Valley of the River Abava, praised by many poets and writers as one of the most splendid reģions of Latvija. Already in the 20s and 30s it was nicknamed the „Switzerland of Latvia”. As soon as you enter the valley, you`ll be struck by the magnificence of nature and the historical legacy. To preserve this, the Nature Park „ Primeval Valley of River Abava” was founded and the Especially Protected Historical and Continious Cultivated Reserve „Abava Valley”. In 1996 and 1998 the World Foundation of Preservation of Cultural Heritage included Abava Valley in the list of 100 most unique and endangered cultural and historical areas in the world. Its most interesting sights are:

  • the waterfall „Abavas rumba”,
  • the nerve- racking aerialcableway across the river at Svente Mill,
  • wrapped in mystery „Maras kambari” Cave,
  • peculiar waterfalls at the Abave tributares.

All year round they attract tourists, hikers, cyclists not only from Latvia but also from abroad. The Pedvale Open-Air  Arts Museum – one of the most interesting and popular object of cultural tourism – is located on the left bank of the River Abava, close to Sabile town. In the very heart of Kurzeme, in the deepest and the most beautiful part of valey lies the romantic Sabile Town, a locality admired by tourists. Sabile is located on the terrace of the River of Abava,and, standing at the highest rim of the terrace, Sabile is seen with all its different roofs. The first mention dates back to 1253, but long before this date a well fortified Cours` castle stood  there.Since the 15 th century Sabile developed as a rural town of craftsmen and merchants. Here lies the famous „Vina Kalns”- approximately 1ha of vineyard, registered in the Guinnes World Record Book as the most northern vineyard in the world. Sabile was the only town among towns of Kurzeme with its vineyard and wine.

Protection category: nature park, where the nature protection area Čužu swamp is included. The place of Natura 2000 The territoty is under protection since 1957. Cultural territory ‘’Abava Valley’’ was founded in 1999. It is located in Talsi region Sabile district and Gibuļi district, as well as in Tukums, Ventspils and Kuldīga region.

Area: 14933 ha

Administration: Nature Protection Department.